(el) Matadero (de) Madrid

With works by Jonás Bel and Juan Valbuena, Daniel García Pablos, Martín Santos Yubero, and Ramón Massats.

Conceived as a publication to be read spatially, this exhibition and archival intervention aims to reconcile, in an organic progression, the dichotomy between the former use of the building as a slaughterhouse – a site of industrialised death and mass production operated by poor workers in which toxic masculinities were at play – and Matadero Madrid as a public space devoted to the arts and culture through the audiovisual testimony of its workers, neighbours, photographers, artists, or architects.

The symbolic-historical charge of the space of the old slaughterhouse constitutes the thread of a narrative hypertext of the human flows that have inhabited the space, and those that dwell in it today – both of which address more universal issues of a linguistic, social, political, gendered, and cultural nature.