Eleutheria: A Queer Film & Arts Programme

ClientKulturhuset, Stockholm. A project for EUNIC Stockholm (Institut Français de Suède, Finlandsinstitutet, Goethe Institut, Embajada de España en Estocolmo, Instituto Cervantes, Camoes Instituto, Swiss Embassy, Embassy of the Netherlands, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, CinemAfrica, and Tjeckiska Centret).
DateAugust 2017
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‘Eleutheria’ is an Ancient Greek word which alludes both to a sense of civic liberty and public responsibility. Focusing on queer perspectives on art and film, such is the spirit of this programme .

With contributions from an array of European countries, Eleutheria 2017 carried out a mapping of sexual, audiovisual and artistic dissidence.

Featuring a selection of films fresh from international circuits (Berlinale, Madrid World Pride, Cinemafrica, and more) and shown for the first time in Sweden, the programme reflected on the need to create a powerful LGTBQ+ gaze from which to depict ourselves and reclaim agency, focusing primarily on issues of representation, agency, and visiblity.

The final session ‘Intersections: Mapping the Queer Body’ showcased key works from 5 emergent queer artists and collectives coming from various backgrounds and formats and engaged them in a conversation.  Woven together through their authors’ voices, the pieces explored the intersections of LGTBQ+ issues with questions around feminism, media and cultural representations of the queer body, class, race, and identity.

Eleutheria 2017 featured works from Sam Hultin, Victoria Verseau, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Gabriel Maher, Isabel Mager, Michèle Massé, Jochen Hick, Sebastiano Riso, and Stephen Haupt.