Exhibition, Public Programme & Open Studio – Renewal and Metamorphosis

ClientFärgfabriken, Stockholm
Date23 May - 2 June 2019
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‘Renewal and Metamorphosis’ is a collective exhibition, open studio and public programme proposed by Research Lab in Architecture concerning the major transformations affecting today’s natural and living environments. The two weeks at Färgfabriken will present a sequence of workshops, installations, performances, videos, and temporary exhibits outlining the world in its state of “new normal.”

Disasters expose human helplessness in confronting the full force of nature, but these tragic events can also bring out the best in human compassion and collective action. What are the links between natural and man-made disaster, and how does ideology relate to natural disaster?

The exhibition and public programme will move through historic and contemporary landscapes, reflect on societies past and present and engage with the peoples who are or will be most affected by the forces of nature, and climatic reversals. Furthermore, we will conduct short term workshops where we will be mapping, documenting as well as envisioning new critical interventions for a foreseeable future.

Concept, Programme and activation of the space by the R-Lab collective: Carlota Mir, Jérôme Malpel, Sofia Larsson, Gustav Karlsson, Orestis Nikolaidis, Anna Risell, Bo Pilo, Gerda Persson, Vesna Rohacek, Lea Vene, Andres Villareal, Ana Barata, Justinas Dudenas, Elena Mazzi, Åsa Agerstam

With Professor Peter Lang