Propositions on Translocal Solidarity

ClientArchive Books
DateRelease date TBC (2024-25)
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Sara Alberani, Carlota Mir and Sofia Steinvorth (eds), Propositions on Translocal Solidarity

(Berlin: Archive Books, 2025) (upcoming).

This book is a practical treaty on how to curate socially engaged practices that leave the art field to become part of other fields, throwing light to the issues of our time, from climate change to gender-based violence, food systems, labour, migration and displacement.

With contributions by Jasmeen Patheja, Cooking Sections, Daniel Godínez Nivón, Emily Jacir, Marisa Morán Jahn, Trampoline House, Shahram Khosravi, Elizabeth Hoover, Luke Ching, Forensic Architecture, and Otobong Nkanga, amongst others.

With annotations by Andrea Phillips

Editorial advisors: Judith Wielander & Matteo Luchetti (Visible), Joanna Warsza