In Waves – An Intensive Residency in Feminist Curating

ClientNynnyt (Hanna Ohtonen and Selina Väliheikki)
DateHelsinki, Finland, November 2018
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With Nynnyt, Helena Reckitt, Read-In Collective & Timimie Marak

Residents: Carlota Mir, Curator / Iliane Kiefer, curator / Konstmusiksystrar: Rosanna Gunnarsson, composer & sound artist and Anna Jakobsson, artist-researcher, stage-director & producer / Annabell Lee Chin, artist / Sonya Lindfors, choreographer & ad UrbanApa / Jemina Lindholm, artist & art educator / Elham Rahmati, artist & curator / Johanna Tuukkanen, ad ANTI festival / Niko Natalie Wearden, artist & facilitator


‘In waves’ considered the essence of waves in relation to both feminism and the curatorial, searching for connections between questions that come from thinking of waves and those that come from daily practices of curating.

Organised by the Finnish curatorial duo Nynnyt (Hanna Ohtonen & Selina Väilihekki), In Waves was an intensive residency of feminist curating that that took place in Helsinki in November 2018. Hosting participants based in Sweden and Finland and a series of workshops by prominent feminist activists, artists and curators, the space of the residency became a collective feminist experience where being safe, vulnerable, emotional, alone and together, listening, speaking and being listened to, sharing, caring and being cared for became central.

At – in waves – we began to weave a promising affective, productive feminist network that continues to be very much alive and in motion, hoping to join many other waves for change across the globe.