Feminist Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

ClientIndex - The Swedish Contemporary Arts Foundation
DateStockholm, 8 March 2018
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A collaboration with School in Common on the occasion of International Women’s Day. A three-day feminist editing marathon + workshop food, yoga, and artworks by Maria Guggenbichler. 

Less than 10% of Wikipedia editors identify as womxn. Articles on women are more susceptible to refer to men than viceversa. Articles edited by womxn are at far more risk of being reverted by editors than content produced by male editors. There is an astonishing lack of entries on well-known womxn and gender diverse authors.

‘THE CANON. What was the canon? It was a decisive moment, when I realised that what was considered notable, trustworthy, mandatory knowledge was not a compilation of achievements by exceptional men, but rather, a completely arbitrary (and frankly criminal) compilation of omissions. Of cis and trans women, PoC, working class heroes, of queers, of us’.

With the support of Art + Feminism, Wikipedia, and Czech Institute in Sweden.