Alternative Voices Symposium, 2022

Alternative Voices: Curating Female Subjectivities was a symposium organised by Nadia Albadalejo and Fiona Noble on Thursday 8th December 2022.

The idea for the symposium arose from an edited book project upon which we are currently collaborating: the volume Alternative Voices: Curating Female Subjectivities in Spanish and Latin American Art (1920-2020), which will be launched with London-based publisher Palgrave in 2024-25.

The symposium served as a platform for the contributors to the edited volume, who are in the process of preparing their chapters for submission. The organisers felt that a virtual event bringing participants together would prove beneficial for facilitating dialogue between us all and elucidating connections amongst the distinct contributions.

My contribution discussed feminist artistic practice with regards to infrastructure in her presentation of three key female art collectives from Spain, positing them as enacting a collective, collaborative labour of care within the post-dictatorial context.

The event proved a real success and offered so many fruitful emerging connections between the various contributions that will most certainly feed into the development of the edited volume as we progress the project. If you are interested in following the project as it evolves, please follow us @Curating_Fem on Twitter!

Image: some of Louisa Preston’s sketchbook spreads documenting our virtual symposium. The image shows some of the participants as they appeared on Zoom, as well as some notes/sketches from Marta’s presentation on water in the work of Lucrecia Martel.

Image: Selfie, panelists